Bhange All Clear Test Series

  1. Bhange Test Series is a full syllabus preliminary test series for STD X & XII (Sci) students conducted from December to February every year.
  2. It consists of 3 rounds of tests for std X & for Std XII(Sci)
  3. GTS is executed with a process involving
    • Test Conduction
    • Paper Assessment & Moderation
    • Paper Discussion
    • Doubt Clearing
  4. The paper assessment & moderation is conducted by experienced subject Heads & Board level moderators.
  5. The paper discussion & doubt clearing sessions are conducted by Experts after papers are submitted to students.
  6. Students are well benefited by GTS with the end results of improved paper writing skills & time management during Board exam.


Features: For Regular Batches

Topic-wise Tests - STS: Tests are arranged on Sundays from the month .These tests are strictly conducted as per the conditions of the Board Examinations. The Time-table of these tests will be distributed in the class.

Full Portion Test Series - BTS: A test series from the last week of December to the second week of February is arranged on the whole syllabus; in three phases.

  • All these tests are known as “The Bhange Test Series." The time tables of these tests will be distributed in the class.
  • We get the papers assessed from the examiners and moderators of the board, so that the student gets perfect idea about his/her preparation as well as the way of representation.
  • Separate discussion sessions may be also arranged at proper time
  • Assessed answer books are distributed with a proper schedule.
  • For the students not residing in Nagpur, question papers of different subjects are sent through Registered Post/ Courier/E-mail. These students are supposed to solve these question papers under examination conditions.

Difficulty Solving Facilities / Revision Batch: Facilities of difficulty solving and clearing doubts are available in the class from 15th December onwards till the beginning of the final examination of S.S.C. Board.

The Last Round Study and Vocational Guidance:

The lecture giving the guidance for the last round of study and Vocational guidance timetable will be distributed in the class.